About Scotty Dog

We Not Only Resole – We Repair/Resole/Re-build!

My Story (by Scott Camps – “Scotty Dog”):

It was on one of my many trips to Yosemite Valley that the resoling journey for me began.

From humble beginnings and more than 40 years climbing experience I’ve learned what a climber really needs from their shoes. From resoling my own shoes and those of friends – for many years – I have climbed many thousands of routes and established hundreds of new climbs across Australia. I have also travelled widely in the USA climbing at many of the premier crags and high ranges on alpine rock – in the Sierra’s and the Teton Ranges, Yukon, Canada, Alaska, Bolivia, Nepal, and New Zealand.

From trusting feet in cracks, hanging off heel hooks, standing on edges and squeaky smears, and in étriers for hours, sharing pitches with friends and rope-soloing walls from Mt Buffalo to El Capitan, there isn’t a climber-resoler in Australia with more experience than me – Scotty Dog.

In 2010, I decided to give up my career job working for Sea to Summit, Black Diamond and Evole, and started resoling climbing shoes professionally.

From years of climbing experience, I started putting my knowledge and prowess as a master craftsman into practice.

Ultimately, I believe your shoes are a mirror of your feet; therefore, I treat your shoes with individual care to provide your feet with the best resoles available.

Through Scotty Dog’s well-known innovation and unique approach to not only resoling, but also our hands on ability to re-build climbing shoes (view gallery) like no other resoler,  Scotty Dog has become known both in Australia and across the ditch (in New Zealand) for quality craftsmanship.

With many thanks to our loyal customer base, we have now resoled and saved close to a staggering 60,000 pairs of shoes from landfill!